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If I remember the glorious eighties of the German metal scene my mind reflects fast such unforgotten heroes as TYRANT or STORMWITCH. Of course both acts were artist´s on the legendary GAMA RECORDS label. But this isn´t the only breakpoint. Even both acts hailing from the old Southern German town Ulm too. Once exists there a great metal scene. But this is a long time ago. Now a decade later rise again another hope for the pride of classic German Heavy Metal from this area. HEADLESS BEAST holds high too the banner of honest and true timeless metal.

Crowned by a fantastic cover artwork created by their guitarist INGO NEUBER spreads this rough diamond from the first moment pure magic. We all know that a great cover is only the half rent on the way to the top. But believe me there fits really everything. The whole package even the music and the marketing of this product is of high class. No matter let´s talk the music for it´s own.

With the typical character of a Teutonic metal basher starts BLACK RIDER sovereign the following twelve rounds of table crushing stuff. Tough in the sign of German old school metal to the bone waltz then RIDING WITH THE DEADMEN through your PA. Strike by strike, it doesn´t matter if you crank up in the follow DENY THE SYSTEM or the driven cut BURNING CROSS it´s always the same procedure.

HEADLESS BEAST is the next big thing for all the lovers, followers, maniacs and fanatics of real German steel. I wonder that there isn´t until now interest from one of the genre typical labels.
Harder but of the same class strikes MANIAC. Some quite tunes guides in the powerful marching mid-tempo hymn DYING DAY. Once I feel there ultimate remembered on the heyday of the eighties national Heavy Metal scene. Back to the raw and furious grinding up-tempo steel brings us as next MORTAL FEAR. But one of the absolute classics on this release is without a doubt the memorable tune EVIL RULES. Like a cross of the old ACCEPT and RESTLESS sounds the heavy waltzing FORBIDDEN INTENTIONS. No matter fifty percent of the bill pays there (and of course on every tune too) the perfect voice of JÜRGEN "MR. TORTURE" WITZLER. I couldn´t imagine a better vocalist for this kind of classic Heavy Metal. If you´re not a wimp you´ll fall on your knees and stump with your fist´s the rhythm to the hyper title tune FORCED TO KILL.

Holy hell, I couldn´t hold me under control as to skip once more the repeat taste to keep listen again this killer tune. Unbelievable!!! Mighty agitates the melodic edged RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

Together with the title track robs the immortal final chapter HEADLESS BEAST my blood.
I´m going insane if I listen this riff laden hymn. Another important reason that the material on this output works so fantastic is the perfect and transparent production by VAGELIS MARANIS (yes of course, the unforgotten voice of SANVOISEN...).

If a German act earns success and honour vote for HEADLESS BEAST. Support´em with your hard earned money and order their album and merchandise. Let´s keep our fingers crossed that this hopefully doesn´t give up.

Gerald Mittinger

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