Review von »Forced To Kill« bei Hellion Records, 15.09.2012

For all fans of traditional, so called „true“ heavy metal, this is a must have, one of these ultimate releases from the German metal scene that reaches a similar quality level as a band like METAL INQUISITOR, just with a slightly different approach. Here we find elements of mid paced US metal which show in the nasty, slightly brighter, yet still dirty vocals, which could not be a better choice for a metal band. This guy got the charisma others would die for. He reminds a bit of Lizzy Borden or Brian Thomas (HALLOWEEN) but with a twist on his own. Axewiz Ingo rips one catchy, yet wickedly heavy chord progression after the other from his fretboard, proves to be a talented, a skilled guitarist but puts all of this into the songwriting, rather than endless solo wanking. Same goes to the rhythm crew. All of these guys know to wield the instruments but they only reach the peak of their power as a team. And you will definitely be blown away by these songs. Don`t expect innovations or any complicated structures, this is straight ahead hot blooded metal which comes as great and original as many bands from the 80s did. Let`s check the sound. I never heard about Vagelis Maranis before but this guy has a golden hand in giving a true metal record the correct sound. He`s not the only Greek knob twiddler at the studio desk doing such a great work, I recall the great Chris Tsangarides doing wonderful work for the old British hardrock and metal scene. Anyway, here we go with third strong point of this album, which is the beautiful and morbid cover artwork by nobody less than Mr. Markus Vesper, who might be popular for several great works, especially what he had done for MANILLA ROAD on their latest record “Voyager”. He has created a scene similar to the “Sleepy Hollow” movie, with a headless rider. This fits nicely with the whole music and is definitely metal to the bare bones. Yes, in every aspect of its existence, this album is a real smoker and still contains nothing but OLD SKULL heavy metal music with an 80s approach. A must have for every long haired man and woman in a denim jacket with patches on.

»Sir Lord Doom«

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